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Trusting anyone in your outdoor space is major so we treat it that way. Each landscape is handled with respect & care because caring for the environment is our “Steeze”, and we understand what it needs to thrive. Our job requires great attention to detail as we maintain highly planted grounds & habitats. This team knows the difference between a weed & a great volunteering plant. You’ll never see us using harmful chemicals & we don’t fertilize without conducting a soil test first. Green Steeze can remove invasive weeds, redefine bed edges, mulch, grade, remove problematic plantings, prune, winter sow, address irrigation problems, pressure-wash, seed, fill & clean accessible feeders & much more!

Check out what we DO ..

Landscaping Questions:

  • FREE Estimates for maintenance requests 
  • 30-minute virtual consultation $30
  • Site consultation $150
  • Average monthly maintenance plan $369
  • 8 Visits per season
  • Discount offered for full season payment
  • We bill per visit
  • Average Clean-up starts at $2,000
  • We charge extra for dog poop!

Nothing hidden!

Landscape Maintenance We DO:

  • Clean-ups & invasive plant management
  • 3hr Maintenance Visit
  • Manual removal 
  • Electric power tools
  • Habitat garden maintenance
  • Wooded lot maintenance
  • Forest management
  • Leaf removal (from turf & hardscapes only)
  • Horticultural pruning (winter)
  • English Ivy removal (December) (schedule maintenance visit)
  • Tree & shrub care
  • Small tree and shrub removal (below 8' tall)
  • Small pond clean-up 
  • Green roof maintenance 
  • Container & raised bed maintenance
  • Watering ($120 per visit)
  • Brush cutting stilt grass (August)
  • Vegetable garden maintenance
  • Sidewalk, patio, & walkway power washing (organic products)
  • Manual weeding & brush cutting
  • Bird bath cleaning
  • Soil test
  • Infiltration test
  • Fertilization if needed (organic/soil test required)
  • Sidewalk/driveway snow removal (manual clearing + organic deicer)

Locations We DO:

Northern Virginia: Arlington County, Town of Vienna, Alexandria City, Fairfax County/City, Loudoun County, Manassas City, Prince William County


Install invasive plants, foreign grasses mono-culture, apply harmful chemicals, fertilize unnecessarily, non-permeable hardscapes, kill the animals & bugs you find gross, try to impress you with stock pictures we found online, etc (snoring)


  • It's our "Steeze" to care about your green space!
  • The numbers aren't motivational for us. The more clients we have the more people we get to help build a love for the natural world
  • We don't use harmful products or equipment just because it's faster
  • We don't come cut your grass because it's Thursday & we said we'd cut it on Thursday (despite all elements)
  • We don't cut diseased shrubs & then come cut your shrubs with the same dirty tools
  • We don't bake sun sensitive plants in full sun just because you thought they would be cute.. trust us it won’t be cute.. 
  • We plant for diversity and environment.. so like.. the deer won't be eating your prized flowers because we don't plant deer candy where deer visit unless you want to feed them..   
  • We're not dog poop scooper uppers.. nor do we want to work in it
  • We don't sink trees in the ground burlap wrapped & then shrug our shoulders at you a year later when they're knocking on death's door
  • We're real outdoor lovers.. not a bunch of hourly robots
  • It is our "Steeze" to keep it absolutely 100, & that means honesty 100% of the time

 (prices are subject to change & are based on the work required)

*Certified & Insured