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Turf to trees planting
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Larger scale projects require larger solutions, & we know how to execute best management practices without damage to pre-existing trees, major soil disruption, or toxic chemicals & pollutants. At Green Steeze we can consult, design, install  & maintenance the long term care of local ecotype/native plants/habitats. Our solutions will always be from the perspective of planning the most eco friendly course of action, while working within the budget of the project.  

We've often been asked, "Are you big enough to handle our project?" One of our specialties is habitat training, and all Green Steeze hires must go through a detailed & specific training process, where their knowledge & understanding of wildlife habitats is tested & confirmed. We hire, train & manage more staff per project & sub with larger companies as needed to better manage large wildlife sensitive projects. The scale of expertise & know-how that comes with our involvement on a project, will far exceed the costly headaches and frustrations that you'll get when you hire big teams that don't know how to work within natural communities.   


Check Out What We Do ..

  • Native plant installations (canopy/understory/herb/seed bank)
  • Invasive plant management 
  • Meadow installations
  • Large seeding installations
  • Permeable hardscaping
  • Storm water management
  • Swales,  water retention & water features
  • Soil erosion control & restoration 
  • Planned & improved buffers & wildlife corridors
  • Trail networks & accessible paths
  • Defensive landscaping solutions 
  • Wildlife sanctuary program design & certification
  • Landscape lighting (with respect to nocturnal species)
  • Drainage installation
  • Turf alternatives
  • Soil Improvements


In addition to knowing what to do, we grow & acquire native plants & seeds, & can customize plantings & seed mixes to the planting site, so you don't have to be an expert or settle for species that are less familiar or non-indigenous to the site.  

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    Locations We DO:

    For larger density projects that require overnight stay, we are willing to travel throughout the state of Virginia, Maryland & Pennsylvania

    We DON'T Do This..

    • Install invasive plants
    • Irresponsibly apply harmful chemicals
    • Allow heavy machines anywhere near mature trees
    • Fertilize unnecessarily
    • Compact & destroy the soil as prep (please stop requesting soil destruction)
    • Install negatively impactful non-permeable hardscapes
    • Assist in the destabilization of soil banks & cause erosion (why is this still a thing)
    • Install a bunch of lights that disrupt nocturnal species & migratory birds

    Our conscious environmental efforts take precedence over bid wars & whatever dollars you can throw at us. We will not participate in projects which negatively impact local habitats or the health of our watersheds. 


    *Certified & Insured