What is Eco Friendly Landscaping?


Your local eco system includes many species and you're one of them. Generally, humans choose specifically who we're willing to share our outdoor space with. With more selective landscaping choices, we can protect other species that are living around us, in a way that benefits all of us.

Long before your house/building was even a lightbulb in a builder's mind, many species occupied the space. Most lived with very close relationships with other species, also known as symbiotic relationships. When removing habitat space, many species lose their homes and food accessibility. Although we see a beautiful finished space after a construction project, the destruction and displacement can cause death to thousands of living organisms, and homelessness for the survivors. When one species disappears, it greatly impacts other species, and the trickle-down effect can be massive. 

When we create habitat within our outdoor spaces, it's similar to adding a refugee camp for other displaced organisms. The larger the habitat, the more improved the conditions become for a diverse array of species. Imagine how helpful it can be when you and your neighbors choose habitat landscaping. 

All of these displaced species have a place in the eco system. With balance, each and everyone has a valuable part to play, but imbalance negatively impacts the eco system that we all share, so we must all do our part to achieve better balanced habitats.