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Landscape Design | Interior Plant Design | Aquatic Design

Landscape Design

New Installation

 (Newly Installed)

Landscape design is our opportunity to provide function & facilitate feeling within your space. We specialize in native & habitat friendly design. When we do any design, we are terraforming that space. It's really important that we plan & install not just for look & feel, but also for the environment. The result is a thriving outdoor space, inclusive to the species we are trying to support.

Answers to Frequently Asked Design & Installation Questions:

  • We don't typically plant cultivars or plants non-native to the local ecotype
  • Installations are usually planned for autumn for viability 
  • Our turn around for design currently takes 1 month due to high demand
  • We are designing July - August/ December - March
  • We are installing March - May/ September - December 
  • Plants require 3 years for root establishment - 5 to 6 years for maturity 
  • Free estimates for current clients, referrals, HOA's & commercial properties
  • Private residential estimates $25
  • 1hr Consultation $150
  • Design map only $400
  • VCAP Applications $150
  • Design with map & rendering $800 (starting price)
  • Average design + install price $4,500

Nothing hidden! 

Check Out What We Do ..

  • Provide fabulous designs!
  • Curb appeal responsibly 
  • Permeable (draining) patios, walkways, driveways, & hardscapes 
  • Ponds, fountains & water features
  • Best Management Practices (BMPs) design/installation
  • Wildlife sanctuary program design & certification
  • Landscape lighting (with respect to nocturnal species)
  • The Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (VCAP) design/installation
  • The Audubon Society of Northern Virginia Mini Grant Program
  • The Urban and Community Forestry (U&CF) Grant design/installation
  • Virginia Trees for Clean Water (VTCW) program design/installation
  • Turf to Trees (T2T) projects design/installation
  • Riparian tree planting in non-Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) design/installation
  • Drainage installation
  • Rain harvesting installation 
  • Tree & shrub planting
  • Native & high nectar plantings
  • Lawn alternatives
  • DIY plans for gardeners

Check Out Our Plants


    Common Garden Themes We DO:

    • Native & habitat
    • Monarch waystation
    • Memorial 
    • Real estate curb appeal
    • Colorful & cut flowers
    • Perennial flowers
    • Vegetables
    • Bird watcher's 
    • Butterfly & pollinator 
    • Nocturnal pollinator
    • Bat garden
    • Hummingbird 
    • Fragrance
    • Moonlight
    • Herbal
    • Rain & water 
    • Shade
    • Woodland
    • Evergreen
    • Backyard permaculture 
    • Edible
    • Rock & stone
    • Fairy & miniature

    Habitat Support We Definitely DO:

    • Bird, bat & bee boxes 
    • Feeders
    • Bird baths
    • Water features for wildlife support
    • Homes for cavity nesters
    • Support plant specific symbiotic relationships
    • Encourage biodiversity

    Locations We DO:

    Northern Virginia: Arlington County, Town of Vienna, Alexandria City, Fairfax County/City, Loudoun County, Manassas City, Prince William County


    Install invasive plants, foreign grass mono-culture, apply harmful chemicals, fertilize unnecessarily, install negatively impactful non-permeable hardscapes, kill the animals & bugs you find gross, try to impress you with stock pictures we found online, etc (snoring)

    Our conscious environmental efforts take precedence. We will not participate in projects which negatively impact local habitats or the health of our watersheds.

    There are no such things as landscaping emergencies. Overbearing time constrictions and micromanaging can really take the fun out of a very enjoyable job. 


    • We care about your green space!
    • The numbers aren't motivational for us. The more clients we have the more people we get to help build & support the love for the natural world
    • We don't use harmful products or equipment just because it's faster
    • We don't bake sun sensitive plants in full sun just because you thought they would be cute.. trust us it wont be cute.. 
    • We plant for diversity and environment
    • We're not dog poop scooper uppers.. nor do we want to work in it
    • We don't sink trees in the ground burlap wrapped & then shrug our shoulders at you a year later when they're knocking on death's door
    • We maintain honest and forthcoming communication, which also means, we'll let you know what is realistic within your space

    (prices are subject to change)


    Interior Plant Design

    Holiday Plants (Simple Holiday Arrangement)

    Let's face it, you need plants in your life. We design with indoor plants as well for commercial & residential spaces. This service includes lighting, potting, and customizing for full incorporation of natural-living art. Hydroponic walls and containers are a common choice as they are beautiful, easily customizable and less attractive to soil loving insects that can be a tad pesky inside. Most of these plants are tropical and must stay indoors comfortably at the same temperature ranges that you like. We can even provide edible & organic options for kitchens. Indoor plants are not subject to weather restrictions or wildlife browsing so we have a mass opportunity for creative possibilities.

    There's something incredible about living with plants, especially in Virginia where our temperatures can get quite chilly and many of our favorite plants disappear for the winter. Houseplants are especially important for the folks living in more urbanized areas with less outdoor space. Being around greenery can alleviate stress, anxiety and improve cognitive function. We find that routine care for indoor plants can assist in sparking new found interest in the "Green" world around you.

    Which plants should you pick? How much light do they need? How much water? Reach out to us and we will come out with mask and shoe protection, to evaluate your space, and provide viable plants in containers that go great with your place and your "Steeze".


    We're a small company & to complete designs, we have to be in the office which we're not in during certain times of the year. Depending on the time of year and the complexity of the design, it could take a week or it could take months. Our best turn-around time for design is in the winter and summer. 

    Answers to Frequently Asked Design Questions:
    Free estimates for current clients, referrals, HOA's & commercial properties
    Private residential estimates $25
    Design & rendering $800 (starting price)
    Average indoor design + install $4,500
    Modest Potting of a few plants $369                                                                  Plant Sitting $150 per visit
    Maintenance $150 per visit
    Holiday display average $4,000
    Nothing hidden!

    Check Out What We Do ..

    Indoor & Urban Plant Maintenance
    Interior Plantscaping
    Urban Landscaping
    Potted Plants
    Kitchen Gardens
    Plant Sitting
    Holiday Displays

    Aquatic Design

    Planting aquatic plant roots (Planting native aquatic plant roots)

    With water we build habitat! We can design & install native ponds, vernal pools, and indoor native tanks. Keeping aquatic animals such as native fish & plants, is a great way to learn about them! Besides offering the many interesting & eye catching features of the exotic pet trade, they also help us understand local aquatic habitats, how our activities directly impact the ecology of our environment, & we get to enjoy seeing these beautiful plants and animals in a way that you can't view them in the wild.

    Re-wild Option

    Freshwater Mussel

    Our restocking program offers you the opportunity to re-wild (reintroduce native fish & plants back into the Potomac River to support the local eco system) seasonally or as they multiply. We are working with fresh water mussel host fish, which are the filters of the river & are threatened (likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future). This requires a special permit and may not be attempted individually. Participation in re-wilding costs $500 per year. Half of which will be donated to local environmental non-profit organizations & requires a monthly commitment to tank/pond maintenance, which is $150 per hour, (Usually only takes 1 hour) to assure that the fish & plants are healthy enough for restocking. A major benefit to participation is cleanliness in your tank or pond community, which can be very high maintenance to take care of on your own.

    Aquatic Plants Only

    Adding fish is of course, not a requirement. You could have a beautiful native aquatic plant community that is just as stunning. If outdoor, ponds will always attract wildlife no matter what.  Indoors, it could be the most attractive feature in your home. 

    Answers to Frequently Asked Design & Installation Questions:

    • Tanks can be installed at any time of the year, but the best savings will occur Dec- Jan with a deposit by the 3rd week of November. This could save up to $1000, sometimes more. 
    • You will need a minimum of 125 gallon tank, 73" length, 30" width space
    • Must have access to water & electricity
    • Plants require 3 years for root establishment - 5 to 6 years for maturity 
    • Free estimates for current clients, referrals, HOA's & commercial properties
    • Private residential estimates $25
    • 1hr Consultation $150
    • Tank design is $300 
    • The average tank installation $6,200 (starting price)
    • We maintenance tanks at $150/hr

    Nothing hidden! 

    Check out the fish we work with ..

    • American Eel (requires Re-Wild Option due to migration)

    American Eel

    • Alewife 
    Alewife Fish
    • Bluntnose Minnow
    Bluntnose Minnow
    •  Black Crappie
    Black Crappie
    • Blue Gill 
    • Blacknose Dace
    Blacknose Dace
    • Fantail Darter
    Fantail Darter
    • Longnose Dace
    Longnose Dace
    • Longear Sunfish
    Longear Sunfish
    • Pumpkinseed Fish (Top Host for Local Mussels)
    Pumpkinseed Fish
    • Northern Hogsucker
    Northern Hogsucker
    • Tessellated Darter
    Tessellated Darter
    • Warmouth Fish
    Warmouth Fish
    • White Perch
    White Perch
    • White Sucker Fish
    White Sucker Fish
    • Yellow Perch

    Yellow Perch (Top Host for Local Mussels)

    *Some of these fish naturally hybridize & we find those too!

      Native Habitat Support We Definitely DO:

      • Freshwater Mussels
      • Bats
      • Crayfish (a bit destructive in captivity)
      • Turtles
      • Amphibians
      • Reptiles 
      • Birds
      • Mammals 

      Locations We DO:

      Northern Virginia: Arlington County, Town of Vienna, Alexandria City, Fairfax County/City, Loudoun County, Manassas City, Prince William County


      We don't sell native fish & native animals. We can provide them as included within our services & hope you are able to participate in supporting re-wilding & the ecology of the Potomac River.

      We do not install non-native aquatic plants. 


      • We are actively working on restoring positive ecology in the Potomac River
      • We acquire the permits needed to work with native plants & animals
      • We love the aquatic animals & treat them with respect

      (prices are subject to change)


      Locations We DO:

      Northern Virginia: Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William County

      *Certified & Insured