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Landscape design is our opportunity to provide function & facilitate feeling within your space. We specialize in natural & rustic design, but have vast experience with many other styles such as modern, zen, English, & Mediterranean. When we do any design, we are terraforming that space. It's really important that we plan & install not just for look & feel, but also for the environment. The result is a thriving outdoor space, inclusive to the species we are trying to support.

Common Landscape Design Questions:

  • FREE estimates
  • Consultation $150
  • Design with rendering $400 (starting price)
  • Average design + install price $3,000

Nothing hidden! 

Check Out What We Do ..

  • Provide fabulous designs!
  • Outdoor garden oasis
  • Curb appeal responsibly 
  • Permeable (draining) patios, walkways, driveways, & hardscapes 
  • Ponds, fountains & water features
  • Landscape lighting (with respect to nocturnal species)
  • Drainage installation
  • Rain harvesting installation 
  • Tree & shrub planting
  • Native & high nectar plantings
  • Lawn alternatives

    Common Garden Themes We DO:

    • Native & habitat
    • Real estate curb appeal
    • Colorful annual flowers
    • Perennial flowers
    • Vegetables
    • Bird watcher's 
    • Butterfly & pollinator 
    • Hummingbird 
    • Fragrance
    • Moonlight
    • Herbal
    • Rain & water 
    • Shade
    • Woodland
    • Evergreen
    • Backyard permaculture 
    • Edible
    • Rock & stone
    • Fairy & miniature

    Habitat Support We Definitely DO:

    • Bird & bee boxes 
    • Feeders
    • Bird baths
    • Water features for wildlife support
    • Homes for cavity nesters
    • Support plant specific symbiotic relationships
    • Encourage biodiversity

    Locations We DO:

    Northern Virginia: Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William County


    Install invasive plants, foreign grass mono-culture, apply harmful chemicals, fertilize unnecessarily, install negatively impactful non-permeable hardscapes, kill the animals & bugs you find gross, try to impress you with stock pictures we found online, etc (snoring)

    Our conscious environmental efforts take precedence. We will not participate in projects which negatively impact local habitats or the health of our watersheds.


    • It's our "Steeze" to care about your green space!
    • The numbers aren't motivational for us. The more clients we have the more people we get to help build & support the love for the natural world
    • We don't use harmful products or equipment just because it's faster
    • We don't bake sun sensitive plants in full sun just because you thought they would be cute.. trust us it wont be cute.. 
    • We plant for diversity and environment
    • We're not dog poop scooper uppers.. nor do we want to work in it
    • We don't sink trees in the ground burlap wrapped & then shrug our shoulders at you a year later when they're knocking on death's door
    • It is our "Steeze" to maintain honest and forthcoming communication, which also means, we'll let you know what is realistic within your space

    (prices are subject to change)

    *Certified & Insured