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Something special happens when you add plants to a room. They bring life, growth and positivity and become something you love and nurture, rather than just an accent of color. Plants feel like family and friends. We talk to them, name them and care for them. They get us through the cold winters when your outdoor gardens disappear. Some even provide nourishment and medicinal support. Plants bring a life force into the home, creating and moving energy, fresh air, and promoting unconscious emotion.

However, a dead plant in a corner or one that is struggling for light and nourishment can have quite a negative effect on your mood and energy. If you find yourself saying RIP to plants more often than you’d like, need advice about a struggling plant, want to figure out how to grow the kind of plants you’d like in your home, or would like to know the best spot in your home to support plants, you’ve contacted the right plant people.

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