DIY Projects


This image shows the start and end of a diy project

DIY can save you a ton of money, but you want to make sure you’re making plant decisions that won’t cause an expensive problem for you later, and that you're up for the challenge. Not every native plant can grow in every landscape. Our DIY Package is designed to provide an affordable way to get professional help on a tight budget, to encourage native plant communities on privately owned properties. It saves you expensive fixes long term, research time, & “learning the hard way” hiccups. 

Why is professional landscaping expensive?
The average cost of professional plant design + installation with us is around $5000 because it’s expensive to pay employees, run a business & buy all of the materials needed!

  • Our team, all legally employed, work hard in all-weather elements & have to be fairly compensated with health benefits.
  • We own tools, equipment & vehicles that had to be purchased & maintained regularly.
  • Bills bills bills! Our silent partners, the feds/state/county/city regulate us for safety etc. & require us to pay for licenses, permits, & insurance upon insurance.
  • Design takes dedicated & focused time
  • Material costs keep going up & up!
  • Once all of these bills are paid we have to make a profit to feed our own kids & not go out of business!

All reasonable, but it may not fit your budget.

DIY Package: (Each service is invoiced separately to reduce upfront cost)

  • $200 2hr Video Consultation – our goal is to create a DIY plan for your landscape by talking out all of your questions, logistical abilities, landscape specifics, native plant suggestions, how to’s, & budgeting. Steph will also provide you with useful links used to train employees. 
  • Click for Plants - We are a certified plant nursery with numerous plants in our care, from native to indoor plants. Plants can be delivered locally (NOVA) or shipped to your location
  • Click for Delivery – We can drop off all of your materials so you don’t have to go searching for them, because likely you’ll need to go to many places that we may already frequent.

Prepare for your consultation…
Observe your landscape
What does your soil look like?
What kind of sunlight are you receiving throughout the day?
How does water move within your landscape?
In a 1” rainstorm (average rain) does the planting area take a while to drain? How long?
How does the current wildlife interact with this space?
What kind of plants are already present?
Do you have invasive plants present?
Do you have areas of erosion?
What is the square footage of the planting area?
Is there any clean-up needed and can you reasonably do it yourself?
If you have a clean-up, do you have a way of disposing of the debris?
Are there any utilities near your planting area? (click for free utility marking
Create a budget! How much can you reasonably afford to spend on this upfront or overtime?
Test your soil (click here to obtain a soil test
Have a plat/aerial photo, and landscape photos to share with us
What are your landscaping priorities?
Habitat? Is there wildlife you’re uncomfortable with?
Beauty? What’s your vision? Feeling? Color?
Erosion? Has the sediment been moving?
What heights are acceptable?

Do you prefer "neat & tidy" or a natural look?

How close is your planting area to structures or hardscapes?

How much time do you have to weed or do you want professional maintenance? 

*Please don’t try to force plants to grow in your space just because you like them. Plants won’t grow in a space just because you want them to.
Biggest example we see: Meadow plants under trees
*Please don’t try to plant in the summer. It’s a huge headache & your plants might die!
*Prepare your mind for stuff to happen. Sometimes things don’t go as planned.