Landscape Specialists 

Working with Green Steeze is a unique & rewarding experience. We're more than just landscapers. As conservation landscapers, we're making a difference by bridging the gap with nature. We interact respectfully with the natural world while creating beautiful landscapes that everyone can enjoy.

Some tasks are specific to the season. We remove invasive plants, as well as install permeable hardscapes & indoor plantings throughout the year. 


In the spring we begin planting perennials, taking regular care of the gardens we've planted, addressing storm water issues, supporting habitat projects & assisting with vegetable plantings.  


In the summer we continue to support the gardens we tend during the warm season.  


When fall arrives, we plant trees & shrubs, put gardens to bed & remove leaves from gutters under 40' tall. 


Winter is for pruning shrubs & trees. We also install feeders for local, overwintering species, & assist with holiday décor. 


If interested in applying for this position, please email your resume to connect@greensteeze.com