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If you love plants & the outdoors, why not get paid for doing what you love!
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Working with Green Steeze

Green Steeze is a small company, making a huge environmental impact. We're the first conservation landscaping service in Prince William County, and we believe in eco friendly, healthy, and sustainable lifestyles, so we offer services and products that make it easier for everyday people to reach these goals. 

Working with Green Steeze is a unique and rewarding experience for those who love nature, plants, and hands-on projects. It's the most fulfilling experience to look back at a project after it's completion, and know you contributed to something beautiful and impactful.

As a "green lifestyle" company, we're making a difference by bridging the gap for Northern Virginians who want to connect with nature but are busy working or don't have the physical capability. As designers we solve problems, create solutions, and improve functionality to best support our clients and the environment. As land stewards we're fighting off invasive plant species so native species can thrive. As a nursery we're nurturing the plants needed to help the eco system and create healthy food options for our community. Individually we're interacting respectfully with wildlife while creating beautiful landscapes that can be enjoyed harmoniously. Our team effort is how we successfully educate our community on best practices to keep our soil, air, and water clean. 

Green Steeze trains specialists, people with expertise, because it takes a great deal of knowledge to educate the community and work in habitats. You're not just some replaceable body at Green Steeze, and we're not sales driven. Each team member is valued and important. Hardworking team effort is what's growing this company. 2023 marks our 3rd year in business! We've had tremendous growth and look forward to more people joining our team effort in making "green style easy". 

We meet in Fairfax, Virginia at 7AM, Monday - Friday, but will be moving to this summer. You must be able to accept direct deposit to work with Green Steeze.

What We Need: People who care about doing a great job, supporting the environment, and working in a team with good vibes. We're growing, so we want people who can grow with us!

What We Don't Need: People who just want any job, have bad attitudes, stand around waiting for directions, and pay no attention to detail. If you hate the outdoors, think insects are gross, want to kill anything that moves, or in general "hate working" this job is not for you!   

Special Message From The Owner: In 2021, I started this company because I CARE about the environment, but the non-profit sector didn't offer enough money to support the needs of my growing family, but I was sick of the lack of CARE in regular landscaping. We make descent money in conservation landscaping and urban agriculture, but we also work super hard. It really takes the right kind of personalities to do what we do. You have to CARE about contributing your best efforts. I genuinely CARE that we have a healthy and happy team. We encourage and build each other up and by doing so, accomplish amazing projects. Our team CARES if our clients are satisfied with the services and products that we provide. We have the best clients who also CARE about nature and health. So naturally, We all CARE that we hire awesome people who will also CARE about doing a great job and being a major player on this impressive, all-star team of professionals. 

The Landscape Specialist 

This position is for someone with a great attitude, high integrity, follows written & verbal directions well, and is very detail oriented. We maintain native habitats all year by removing invasive plants, planting native plants, and addressing issues related to storm water, grade, erosion, and compaction. The landscape specialist must be  a team player with reliable transportation, a clean driving record, outdoor work boots a smart phone & valid driver’s license. At times we do heavy lifting & strenuous activity such as digging, carrying mulch, hardscaping with stone, planting large trees, climbing ladders etc. This is a full time position with benefits. Environmental education & certifying training is included. 

What We Need: 
A responsible, reliable team member who works respectfully with animals & insects, pays strong attention to detail, can problem solve with little direction, can adjust quickly to change, is energetic & interested in wildlife. 

What We Don't Need: Someone who can't be on time, doesn't show up prepared to work outdoors, doesn't follow instructions, or doesn't maintain a professional demeanor. 

This is a full-time position, every Monday - Friday, from 7AM - 3:30PM. $17.00 per hour. Benefits are included. 

A valid MVR approved driver's license is required, as we drive all over Northern VA to support our clients.

Must have clean background check. 


The Market Specialist 

Green Steeze tent

This is a new position for an outgoing - strong integrity personality who's passionate about plants and eco friendliness. Seasonally the Market Specialist will setup our display at farmers markets and events, including tent, tables, potted plants, gift items, signage, register, and décor. The market specialist has to setup rain or shine, and must be comfortable working independently and running a credit card based register. The Market Specialists directly speaks with customers and potential clients, and is the face of Green Steeze. We'd like this position to grow into a business development position, so we're looking for a creative leader with strong communication, who can speak comfortably with customers and provide important feedback that will help our company grow. Marketing and/or sales experience is preferred. 

What We Need: Someone friendly who can learn quickly, talk to strangers, and provide creative input. 

What We Don't Need: Someone to sit in a chair on their phone & scare customers away. 

This is a part-time position, every Saturday from 7AM - 2PM, April through November. This position has opportunity for growth. $120 per event

A valid MVR approved driver's license is required, as we drive all over Northern VA to support our clients.

Must have clean background check. 

The Childcare Specialist

Green Steeze baby

This is a brand new position. We’re looking for an experienced childcare teacher who is seeking a promotion to our Childcare Specialist Supervisor position. This person will be in charge of the daily operations of our childcare program, which we are offering as a benefit to our employees and to our neighbors who
are looking for plant based childcare options. We’d like this person
to help us expand this program into a community educational center.


  • Love of working with children
  • Trustworthy
  • Creative
  • Fun
  • Experience with children, including special needs
  • CPR certification & background check required
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Strong organizational abilities
  • Computer & office management skills
  • Familiar with plant based meal preparation
  • Knowledge of child development, education & childcare laws
  • Enjoys the outdoors, nature, & plants


  • Open center at 7AM
  • Close center at 4PM
  • Care of children newborn – school age (virtual school students)
  • Supervise Assistant Childcare Specialists
  • Assist in the development of our Skills Program
  • Plan outings, events, extracurricular activities & plant based meals
  • Communicate with parents
  • Prepare plant based meals & snacks
  • Light cleaning
  • Transport children as needed
  • Monitor children’s online activity, devices & daily progress
  • Assist with virtual homeschool when needed
  • Update grocery lists
  • Purchase supplies as needed
  • Monitor budgets
  • Monitor safety procedures

This is a full time, salary position. $45,760 with benefits.(See Benefits)

A valid MVR approved driver's license is required, as we drive all over Northern VA to support our clients.  


Interns working with our team

Many environmental students don't realize that conservation landscaping is an existing career choice. Interns work with the Foreman and Landscape Specialists to learn about each stage of conservation landscaping, from design and installation to maintenance. We cover land stewardship and discuss best management practices to provide functionality for the client while improving habitat. Interns will learn the importance of conservation in landscaping, storm water management, and the techniques we use to maintain healthy soil, clean water and air, and the benefits of biological diversity. 

 Daily Help

Sometimes we have large projects which require more hands. At this point we will request folks that are hardworking and have great attitudes, reliable transportation, work-boots, and can follow instructions well, to come assist with a project. You can pre-apply to be called as these projects occur. Daily helpers are paid $120 per day. 1099 Documented. Must be able to start work at 7AM. 


  • Direct Deposit Information
  • ID/Social Security Card/Birth Certificate 
  • Reliable Transportation
  • Work Boots
  • Clean Jeans or Khakis
  • Phone Interview 
  • Phone Orientation


For Full Time Employees

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Vacation in Winter Only
  • 2 Paid Holidays
  • 1 Paid Volunteer Day

Sub-Contracting with Green Steeze

Sometimes we will partner with other professionals such as native plant growers, arborists, carpenters, irrigation, and hardscaping. If you are interested in sub-contracting with Green Steeze, please contact Steph.