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Green Steeze - Servicing Northern VA

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About Green Steeze: *Certified & Insured

Green Steeze is locally owned with a specialty in sustainable landscaping & conservation support for commercial & residential properties. What that means in plain English, is that we have lots of commercial landscaping experience, but we're no plant ploppers, & we care about our foot print on this planet! You can expect high quality, knowledgeable, Landscape Specialists, who can address any outdoor questions you may have. You can expect honesty, fair pricing, care, commitment, & professionals who know the difference between a weed & a native flower. 

You can be a property manager, first time home owner (but the outdoors frightens you), or a botanical plant name enthusiastic, & you can trust us with your outdoor experience. We monitor & support the environment at every opportunity, & help businesses & neighbors who are interested in connecting with natural elements by incorporating gardens within their space. We also support a lot of folks with wildlife gardens who simply don't trust their gardens to regular landscapers. We get it. Regular landscaping can be a snooze & cool little critters like Monarch butterflies & hummingbirds, prefer to hang out with Green Steeze. The best part for us is when your outdoor space becomes your favorite pastime. 

About the Owner:

Stephanie is an experienced landscape designer, conservationist, certified Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional, active Prince William County Master Gardener volunteer, Virginia Native Plant Society Member, proud mom & native of Northern Virginia. She loves plants, animals, promoting natural outdoor experiences, & supporting wildlife habitats. Stephanie spends countless hours advocating for the environment & encouraging people to form symbiotic relationships with the natural world. She's also a huge fan of pawpaws, zebra tail butterflies & their representation of how small local efforts can make a big difference.

Stephanie Johnson

CBLP Certified

Green Steeze