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What We Do

Repair, Design & Install Gardens

Fix, Repair, Design, Install Landscapes
Native Plants for HOA Associations
Native Plants for HOA Associations

Remove Weeds/Plants For Gardeners

Removing Weeds

Remove Invasive Plants/Maintain Woodlands & Gardens

Removed honeysuckle from trees & stone
Removed honeysuckle from tree
Removing Invasive Nandinas
Nandina Removal
Steph removing Rose of Sharon in her favorite pants!

Rose of Sharon removal

Clean-Up & Native Plantings

Removed honeysuckle & planted a tulip poplar tree


Weed Walkways & Steps Without Chemicals

Removed weeds from steps
Weeding Walkway

Install of Stone for Gardener to Plant in Hill

Install stone in hill

Container Veggie Installation (Farms to Small Urban Spaces)

Veggie Gardening

 Balcony Design & Install

Balcony design & install of plants & flowers

Collecting Seed

We responsibly, hand collect seed locally from residential native gardens, to redistribute in local areas that are lacking plant diversity 
Hand collecting baptisia seeds

Community Support

Helping an Arlington Master Gardener pot native trees for the public
Potting trees
Potting Milkweed at Earth Sangha's native plant nursery
Potting Swamp Milkweed
Potting Swamp Milkweed 2
Potting Swamp Milkweed 3
 Demonstrating "HOA Friendly" edible landscaping in raised bed for Prince William County - Master Gardeners - Teaching Garden
Edible yet HOA friendly, raised beds
Prince William County Board of Supervisor Support - Native Plant Initiative
PWC Board of Supervisor Meeting for Native Plant Initiative

Hardscape Design & Installation 

Hardscape Partner, Eddy Llano Salas, turns Steph's dreams into realities
Removed old wood retention wall & replaced with stone
 Patio Design & Install

Fence Installation & Repair

Fence install partner, Alfredo Martinez, translates Steph's visions in the form of wood working!
Fence Repair

Potted Arrangements

Invasive plants can be beautiful but deadly to other species. They're better inside where they can be contained. Here we've trimmed roses, removed ivy & liriope & have created lovely potted arrangements for indoor enjoyment!
Rose arrangement from a residential trimming
Potted Arrangement - Restroom Sink 
Bathroom sink potted arrangement
Potted Arrangement - Office Window
Office Window Potted Arrangement
Winter home delivery for a gardener who was missing flowers & plants
Home delivery for plants for potted arrangement
Annual Potted Arrangement for Shady Balcony
Annual arrangement for part shady balcony


Winter Hydroponic Tomato Starts
Hydroponic Tomato Starts
Hydroponic Basil Harvest - Bi-Weekly Harvest
Hydroponic Basil Harvest
Holiday Displays for Walmart Stores
Holiday Display for Walmart StoresHoliday Display for Walmart StoresHoliday Display for Walmart Stores
Holiday Plant Displays

Fun Photos At Properties We Maintain/Areas We Work In

A Lap Full Of English Ivy
A Lap Full of English Ivy
Early morning sunrise in Manassas, VA
Winter songbirds feeding on seed in a native garden
 Songbirds feeding on seed in the snow
Eastern Box Turtle hiding in leaf litter
Eastern Box Turtle
Cat Stage - Black Swallowtail Butterfly
Swallowtail caterpillar
Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly
Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly
Cherry Tomato on Balcony Garden
Cherry Tomato on Balcony Garden
Aronia Berries
Aronia Berries
17 Year Cicadas
17 Year Cicadas
Magicicada septendecim

Projects for Kiddos

Artificial turf installation - under deck play area
Artificial turf installation in play area