Horticultural Pruning

Take a look inside of your bushes. What do you see? 

Before & After Pruning

In the woods, trees and shrubs self-prune to conserve energy for canes that are receiving better light. In our landscapes, trees and shrubs are less protected from the sun and elements. Pruning a shrub or tree improves its health and vigor, while enhancing the beauty of your landscape.

Improper pruning is one of the top 3 mortality reasons for the loss of trees and shrubs which are weakened and deformed this way. In many cases, it's better not to prune than to do it incorrectly, but long term neglect of pruning can cause major problems as well. 

When we prune, we're working from the middle outward to create great airflow within the canopy. Crossing, damaged, dead and infected canes are removed. We then node prune for balance. Pruning is very successful with realist expectations. Years overgrown isn't going to be an instant repair with pruning. If it looks like this (photo below) within the canopy, it's going to take a considerable amount of time to prune it, and then you'll have to wait to see what the plant decides to do. Proper pruning gives it a better chance of having healthy, balanced growth. 

Overgrown shrub

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