Steph sitting on top of 2 stacked pallets of bouldersDiscussing native trees

There's so much to learn about our landscapes and urban habitats. Landscape designer & conservationist, Steph of Green Steeze, can consult with you for 1 hour to help you understand the needs of your property or community.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Landscaping Questions:

30-minute Virtual Consultation $30 (Google Meet)
In-Person 1 Hour Site Consultation $150

Designer's Availability:

Thursday afternoons at 4:30pm In-Person &

Monday - Wednesday 4:30PM Virtual Appointments

Please schedule consultations with our office manager,


Need to Chat with an Arborist? 

We partner with a certified arborist who is extremely knowledgeable and provides us with great insight and advice regarding trees and their care!

In-Person 1 Hour Arborist Consultation $200

Arborist's Availability:

After 4:30pm, Monday - Friday

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