Arborist Consultation
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Arborist Consultation

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We sub-contract with a certified arborist who can consult with you for 1 hour to provide their professional opinion about the condition of the trees on your property.  We encourage you to prepare with your favorite note taking tool! 

Once your payment is processed, we will reach out via email to schedule your consultation. 

Arborist Disclaimer
Arborists are tree specialists who use their education and experience to examine trees and woodlands. Arborists don't predict storms or climate issues that could cause a healthy tree to fail. Clients may choose to accept or disregard the recommendations of the Arborist or seek additional advice. Arborists can't detect every condition that could possibly lead to failure in trees.  Green Steeze and Arborists will not be held responsible for the discovery or identification of any hazards on the Client's property. 

Upon purchasing you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to the Arborist Disclaimer above. 

Photo by Arborist Christine

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