DIY Package - Consultation
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DIY Package - Consultation

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Let's Zoom to help you create a plan for your landscape by talking out all of your questions, logistical abilities, landscape specifics, native plant suggestions, how to’s, and budgeting!

Once purchased, we will contact you via email to schedule your consultation. 

Please prepare for your consultation with the following info handy:

*What does your soil look like? (dig 2" down, take that soil and squeeze it in your palm, what's the result?

*Test your soil (click here to obtain a soil test) It's like $20..

*Happen to know how your landscape was used before you acquired it? 

*What kind of sunlight are you receiving throughout the day? (AM - PM & watch for shadows)

*How does water move within your landscape?

*In a 1” rainstorm (average rain) does the planting area take a while to drain? How long

*How does the current wildlife interact with this space?

*What kind of plants are already present?

*Do you have invasive plants present? (we may not be able to see this in your photos)

*Do you have areas of erosion? (bare, sandy, hills with sharp drops, random soil deposits, mulch moving all over the place)

*What is the square footage of the planting area?

*Is there any clean-up needed and can you reasonably do it yourself?

*If you have a clean-up, do you have a way of disposing of the debris?

*Are there any utilities near your planting area? (click for free utility marking)

*What tools do you have to work with?

*How much can you reasonably afford to spend on this upfront or overtime?

*Have a plat/aerial photo, and landscape photos to share with us

*What are your landscaping priorities?

*Is there wildlife you’re uncomfortable with?

*What’s your vision? Feeling? Colors?

*How do you use this space now & how would that change with installation?

*Do you have children (ages) that use this space?

*Do you have pets that use or share this space?

*How do you access this space?

*Are there "things" in the ground that you know of?

*Do you have an HOA? (If so, read through their landscaping rules) *What are your neighbor's views regarding landscaping (adjacent or connecting to your property)

*What plant heights are acceptable?

*How close is your planting area to structures or hardscapes?

*What additional questions do you have for us?

During your consultation, be prepared to take notes!

*You'll need regular notetaking tools + graph paper

See you soon!


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