Maintenance Visit - Mulching & Leaf Management
Maintenance Visit - Mulching & Leaf Management
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Maintenance Visit - Mulching & Leaf Management

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Trees naturally provide mulch by dropping leaves, and those leaves provide their root level with protection and breakdown to become a source of nutrients. Many insects and animals also rely upon this layer of natural mulch to overwinter, so we encourage our clients to leave the fallen leaves. 

We have 2 ways of mulching. We can rake and blow leaves (electric battery powered blower) away from turf and into garden and tree beds, or we can apply hardwood shredded mulch. Hardwood shredded mulch is purchased locally, undyed and untreated. It creates a great layer of root protection, helps to create a weed blocker, and promotes the quick growth of mycorrhiza, which has a symbiotic relationship between plants and a fungus, the ideal conditions for root zones.  Mulching is based on your preference, but it is encouraged to keep mulch at a depth of 3 inches. 

Mulch is not included in this service selection and should be purchased separately.  This maintenance visit does not exceed 3 hours. 

We are anti-mulch volcanoes and don't encouraged chemically altered mulch. 

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