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Green Style Made Easy - Conservation Landscaping Services
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English Ivy Removal

English Ivy Destruction

Currently Scheduling for December 2022 5714154866 (Text/VM) 
English Ivy, Hedera helix, is a beautiful but deadly plant for our landscapes and wooded areas. We remove it all year, but strategically target English Ivy in the winter when it is most visible and less vigorous.
In December, we work neighborhoods to make the biggest impact environmentally and save home owners money using a cost sharing calculation. Get your neighbors onboard to control the spread of English Ivy in your neighborhood. 
Contact us to schedule English Ivy Removal:
*We also remove vinca and Japanese honeysuckle around this time, upon request. Vinca and honeysuckle are more difficult to remove and require more time. This type of removal must be estimated. 

Check out what we DO ..

English Ivy Removal Questions:

  • $66 per tree (December Pricing Saves $197)
  • Ground/bed removal  $265 per hour (December pricing)
  • We charge extra for dog poop!

Nothing hidden!

Our English Ivy Removal Steps:

  • We cut the vine at the ground level below the tree & allow the vine to die on the tree. This prevents damage to the tree
  • We hand pull English Ivy with hand tools around the trunk of the tree to discourage growth on the tree
  • English Ivy growing on the ground and in beds can be pulled with hand tools 

Locations We DO:

Northern Virginia: Arlington County, Alexandria City, Fairfax County, Fairfax City, Loudoun County, Prince William County, Manassas City


We DON'T Plant English Ivy or Encourage its growth

We DON'T rip English Ivy from trees.. we like trees


  • We DON'T use harmful chemicals to remove English Ivy
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