Saves $73 | 5% Off Full Season Maintenance (4 Months)
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Saves $73 | 5% Off Full Season Maintenance (4 Months)

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April, June, August and September

Invasive Plant Removal & Bed Edging

What are Invasive Plants?

Non-native plants that pose serious environmental threats, are invasive/noxious weeds. You can't eradicate invasive weeds that spread by seed, but you can manage them to reduce their prevalence and negative pressure on your landscaped plants or woodland. According to the USDA, invasive species have contributed to the decline of 42% of US endangered and threatened species. We follow the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation's invasive plant list, but we are also paying close attention and can identify plants that are being too aggressive in your garden.  

During maintenance, we are manually removing invasive roots, or cutting if removal is not an option. Herbicides are not a go-to tool for us, but there are some instances where it could be needed, and we would be in full discussion and agreement before using them. 

We do not consider native plants as invasive weeds, and can usually pot up and donate native species that are too prolific within a space as well as native saplings that come up in spots that can't support their full growth. 

Management of invasive pressure is key to a successful native thriving landscape. 

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