Pawpaw Tree - Asimina Triloba
Pawpaw Tree - Asimina Triloba
Pawpaw Tree - Asimina Triloba
Pawpaw Tree - Asimina Triloba
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Pawpaw Tree - Asimina Triloba

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*Limited Nursery Edition*

Height: 15 to 30'
Spread: 15 to 30'
Bloom Time: April to May
Bloom Description: Burgundy
Sun: Bright light to part shade
Water: Medium to wet
Maintenance: Low

Edible fruit

A Green Steeze FAVORITE! Notice the pawpaw leaf & zebra swallowtail butterfly in our logo? Pawpaws are a host plant and create the largest edible fruits in North America, which are appreciated by wildlife and humans. In Virginia we tend to find them in mesic forests or floodplains. The flower is attractive to flies who are its pollinator. The fruit is custard like when ripe and can have varying tastes, similar to a mango/banana/pineapple at times. The straight native has an aftertaste that has been bread out of most cultivars, and more seeds than most cultivars. This tree can tolerate more sun as it ages and needs good light to fruit, but it's really more of an understory tree. It has a colonizing growing habitat and you will need 2 genetically different trees to produce fruit. All will host Zebra Swallowtail butterflies. 

Cultivar Tastes:

Pawpaw 'Mango' (More like the wild but more acidic & fruity, seedy)
Pawpaw 'Sunflower' (Mild, smooth, buttery & fruity, heavy barer)
Pawpaw 'Susquehanna' (Party in your mouth! Very sweet! Bright inside, more fleshy)
Pawpaw 'Shenandoh' (Mellow but smooth & sweet! Yum!)
Pawpaw 'Overlease' (Very good! Sweet with no after taste!)

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