Deer Caging Kit - Tree & Shrub Protection from Deer Browsing & Rubbing
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Deer Caging Kit - Tree & Shrub Protection from Deer Browsing & Rubbing

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A mature deer eats about 5-8lbs of vegetation per day.. imagine foraging 6 bowls of salad a day .. and you have like..14 family members..  Unfortunately deer aren't into invasive plants as much. With heavy deforestation and a lack of predator, deer have difficulty finding food and often get really excited when you plant some. Deer have less preferred food, but when starving they will eat anything. 

We use this caging kit when planting young trees and shrubs, to keep the deer from eating the plants to the ground during root development. 1 kit is needed per tree. This is recommended for 7 gallon trees or smaller. 

Kit includes 1 tree sleeve, 4 reusable gardening stakes, galvanized steel wire cloth 10'x4', & 14 heavy duty zip ties. We have already unrolled and prepositioned the stakes, but you can still adjust them as needed. We've also pre-cut the tree sleeves to make them more adjustable, and added more holes for aeration. 

Deer may still browse the top portions of the tree or shrub, but this should not cause failure. Stakes will typically be green and blend right in. After the tree feels tight in the ground, you can remove the tree sleeve. Caging is recommended until establishment. In some areas with heavy deer browse, you may not want to remove it, or consider strategic planting plan to manage deer browse. This is a $400 design customized to specifically manage how the deer use your property. (click to add design)

Install Directions:

1. Plant your tree, place the tree sleeve over the young tree, & hammer the tree stake in position, then tighten the zipties (we call them zippies :) 

2. Mulch the ground around the tree (click to add mulch)

3. Unroll the galvanized steel wire cloth and position your first stake, hammer it in, and wrap the cloth around the tree, leaving 1-2'  of space in the middle, bringing the 2 ends of the galvanized steel wire cloth together. 

4. Zip tie the galvanized steel wire cloth together and hammer the stakes in place. 

All set!

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