What's New?!


Hi Everyone, we'll be starting maintenance in April since we went from warm to very cold, and must make adjustments for the projected rain forecast. Right now you will typically see early spring weeds which will soon disappear. After the upcoming rain, in combination with warmer soil temperatures, we'll start to see the more aggressive plants appear.  As with any other rainy day, sometimes our schedule is disrupted a bit, but do not fret, we will be there and adjustments will be made to provide additional visits when weather events happen, but most importantly, when they are most needed.

See you soon!


My Newest Joy

Hi Everyone! I am starting to stretch my legs and venture out of hibernation with my little bear cub. Of course... things didn’t quite go as planned, and little Oak had to be delivered a few weeks early, via C-section, which gave me a wee bit longer recovery time. However, I am super thankful we are both healthy and each day I’m feeling better and anxious to get back outdoors. Don’t be surprised if you see my little munchkin in tow sometimes. This little boy is so stinking cute and cuddly! When appropriate he’ll definitely be visiting with me.

As I sat at home playing with my hydroponic systems, (pushes glasses up) I have to admit that I was missing your lovely gardens! Maternity leave did give me some time to think about a few changes I wanted to make this year to make our processes more efficient, and to work on finding better pricing. I’d love to hear your feedback regarding this as well. There will be a change in maintenance costs, as our operation costs have changed. For some the rates will be a little lower, and for some a little higher, but I have worked really hard to provide the fairest rates possible. I’ll reach out individually regarding maintenance plans.

Pruning has been delayed due to my physical recovery. I don’t feel comfortable sending anyone without me being able to physically double check the health of the plants in their current state. My goal is to get pruning done before March 13th, but this will vastly depend on my doctor's orders. I’ll definitely reach out and let you know what can be done.

I hope you all are looking forward to a beautiful season!